A Searchable Archive of Selected CERF+ News Articles

Photos (L-R): Artists fire kilns on the levee in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans during NOLA FiredUp!

Aug | Sept 2015

August, 2015

The Artist's Role in Recovery, New Orleans 10 Years After Hurricane Katrina: Interviews with Mary Len Costa and Rashida Ferdinand. Photos: Evacuspots sculptures and Rashida Ferdinand's "Mandala." Using a Ladder Safely. CERF+ Partners with AAW. Photo Essay: North Bennet Street School, CERF+ 2014 Biennial Report.

February 2015

February, 2015

"CERF+ Celebrates 30 Years of Service," "Advocating for a Better Safety Net in the Arts Sector," "Emergency Relief Assistance Program," "Convergence 2014 - Handweavers Guild of America," "Celebrating Jane Sauer at SOFA Chicago," "CERF+ Welcomes John Haworth and Jules Polk to Its Board."

August 2014

August, 2014

"Making Pots and Saving Lives, a Conversation with William E. Strickland Jr.," "Walking the Tightrope at NCECA," "CERF+ Presents at National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (NVOAD) Conference," "Corning Grant Facilitates Completion of CERF+ Videos," "Collectors of Wood Art - Supporting the Studio Wood Art Movement."

February 2014

February, 2014

"Are You Covered? CERF+ Study Shows Most Artists Still at Risk," "Tips for Getting Good Business Insurance Coverage," "CERF+ Training Session Advances Career Protection Curriculum," "CERF+ Expands Online Collection of Artist-to-Artist Videos," "CERF+ Extended Emergency Relief - Business Insurance Assistance Program"

Affordable Care Act: What It Means For You by Jim Brown

August, 2013

Jim Brown, National Director of Health Services at The Actors Fund, is guest writer for our lead article on the Affordable Care Act and what it means to the artists CERF+ serves.

August 2013

August, 2013

"Affordable Care Act. What It Means For You,"  "Enhanced Insurance Listings on Studio Protector Website," "Advocating for Artists Before Congress," "CERF+ Biennial Report: Working Together to Keep Artists Working," "CERF+ Receives Generous Support from CODA"

February 2013

February, 2013

"'The Wet Is Gone. So I'm Moving On,' Artists Rebuild Studios, Businesses & Lives in Sandy's Wake,"  "Sustaining Craft Careers: A Nationwide Study," "Our Studio Protector Site Expands Access to Business Insurance Information," "Foundation Backs Our Preparedness Work," "Artists Make Grand Gesture At Grand Central Holiday Fair"

CERF+: Breaking Down Barriers to Recovery

August, 2012

While raising money and making grants and loans and brokering in-kind assistance for craft artists after emergencies is more difficult than it sounds, the work is direct, the benefits are clear, and it’s very easy to explain. But CERF+  can never raise enough funds, even in a strong economy, to make  artist’s career whole after a significant emergency. And while we cannot overestimate the value of financial assistance after an emergency, recovery is a more complex proposition than can be addressed entirely with a check. In recent years, CERF+ has grown into an organization that is  focused on the larger goal of recovery than on the single act of writing a check (and raising the money to cover it).

August 2012

August, 2012

"CERF+: Breaking Down Barriers to Recovery," "Responding to Crisis Through Art," "How Health-Care Reform will Affect You," "Great Resources in New Business Insurance Guidebook," "Our Revamped Booth-Fee Raffle a Big Success at ACC Show"

How Getting Covered Is Getting Better: An Artist’s Guide to Health Insurance and Health Care Reform

February, 2012

An engaging Q&A that covers your rights when buying health insurance, finding a health insurance plan, government subsidized programs, how to find a plan when you have a pre-existing condition, and much more. 

Creativity in Challenging Times

February, 2009

CERF+ interviews four artists about their strategies for surviving and flourishing during difficult economic times.

Emotional Recovery

August, 2007

As craft artists recover from an accident or emergency, their toughest struggle may not be rebuilding a studio, sustaining a business, or healing a broken body. Often, it’s coping with the emotional challenges. This cerfnews article explores the many ways CERF+ beneficiaries and others have coped with the emotional aspects of loss after emergencies.

Insurance Coverage Lessons for Craft Artists: A Lively Lesson on Being Prepared

August, 2006

A cerfnews article covering CERF+'s live Insurance Show at the Glass Arts Society conference in 2006.

Voices from the Studio

August, 2004

A cerfnews article summarizing CERF+'s 2004 nationwide craft artist inquiry.

What’s the “Buzz” About CDFIs?

February, 2004

A cerfnews article about how community development financial institutions (CDFIs) can help craft business owners succeed.

Staying Safe From Theft

August, 2003

A cerfnews article about how craft artists can better protect themselves from theft at show.

Business Insurance: Can You Afford to Be Without It?

August, 2002

A cerfnews article about acquiring insurance for your craft art business.

What Would I Do Differently? Insurance Advice from the Trenches

August, 2001

A cerfnews article highlighting insurance related experiences of and advice from craft artists who have had serious emergencies.