Eligibility and Guidelines

An applicant must be a professional artist working in a craft discipline (such as a potter, metalsmith, glass artist, woodworker, fiber artist, or furniture maker) who has had a recent, career-threatening emergency, and be a legal U.S. resident. Please review the eligibility details and what CERF+ does not fund before filling out an application.

Supporting Documentation

In addition to submitting a completed application form, an applicant is required to provide documentation about his/her craft career and the emergency. Please go to the supporting documentation page for a list of support materials.

How Applications are Evaluated

CERF+'s Loans, Grants and Services Committee review all applications. How applications are evaluated describes the criteria used when determining the type(s) and level of assistance awarded.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Go to the frequently asked questions page for an overview of CERF+'s emergency relief programs.


Have questions about CERF+’s emergency relief assistance for professional artists working in craft disciplines? Complete our Emergency Assistance Inquiry form and we will contact you.

Photos (L-R): James Tyree fire, Jane Deschner rock slide (Photo: Billings Gazette), hand injury