Grants and Loans

Types of Financial Support


Rapid relief: Emergency Grants

CERF+’s Emergency Grants are designed to provide immediate help to eligible professional artists working in craft disciplines (such as woodworkers, fiber artists, metalsmiths, glass artists, potters, and furniture makers) after career-threatening emergencies.

  • The maximum potential Emergency Grant is $6,000.
  • The maximum potential Emerging Professional Artist Emergency Grant is $3,500. CERF+ loans and other CERF+ grants are not available to those qualifying for this grant program.

Note: If you receive a grant, you are required to report the funds as income when filing your IRS tax form.


Career recovery: Emergency Recovery Loan

CERF+’s Emergency Recovery Loan can be used by an eligible artist working in a craft discipline to re-establish, improve, or possibly expand his/her work capacity after an emergency.

  • The maximum potential Emergency Recovery Loan is $9,000.

No interest is charged and loans must be repaid within five years. To be considered for an Emergency Recovery Loan, applicants must answer all applicable application questions and provide a cash flow projection statement for the next 12 months as well a short, loan-related business plan.


Applicants may request a loan, grant or both.


Have questions about CERF+’s emergency relief assistance for professional artists working in craft disciplines? Complete our Emergency Assistance Inquiry form and we will contact you.

Photos (L-R): Les Snow delivers check to Jon Brooks, Kathleen Doyle in studio, Mark DelGuidice in studio