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Besides being a great way to share personal information, ideas, and let people know about interesting things you have found; Facebook has become a useful way to exchange information about what is happening during disasters and smaller scale emergencies. By becoming a fan of CERF+ you can become part of a network of artists who are connected through CERF+ during emergencies and in better times, too.

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CERF+’s YouTube Channel “craftemergency” collects videos about CERF+, artists we have assisted, and emergency preparedness for artists. Share your videos about recovering from emergencies, disasters, art works inspired by experience with emergencies, or your organization’s CERF+ fundraiser with us by tagging them "craftemergency". We'll look at them and add our favorites to our YouTube stream.
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Twitter is a powerful tool that is being to provide information during disasters. We would like to encourage artists to help us build an information network that can function during disasters and personal emergencies, as well as to provide a way our supporters can tell others about their events and support of CERF+.Share with us and other Twitter users what you are doing in support of CERF+ by using the Twitter hashtag #craftemergency.

After a disaster or personal emergency, you can tweet about:

  1. what you are seeing
  2. how artists are being affected
  3. what artists in your area need
  4. what you are doing to navigate through an emergency
If you use the #craftemergency hashtag, we will follow your Tweets and reTweet select ones.
Together, we can build a network to connect artists during disasters and emergencies.
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