Why Your Support Matters

On a daily basis, CERF+ is a resource of valuable information and is a support system in moments of crisis. To me, CERF+ is something like a crossroads in a small town we all pass through and know that the road we personally travel is the road we all travel. CERF+: part of the foundation of our community.

James Aarons, potter (California)

Since 1985 we have built our reputation on being at the ready to aid artists working in craft disciplines facing unexpected personal crises and entire communities of artists dealing with the effects of major natural disasters. And, though we have grown, we still function on the principle of mutual aid--a charitable response by a community for its community.

While remaining committed to our longstanding program of emergency relief to artists, we believe that our sustained, proactive preparedness agenda will help make artists more resilient, more in-control, and more able to withstand the unexpected—and make us a more visible and effective emergency service provider.

To do this work, we need your support. By making a donation to CERF+, you ensure that artists have the resources and support they need to strengthen and sustain their careers as artists so that they can continue to inspire and enrich our lives.

Photos (L-R): Didier Civil, Rick Bruner, Anna Millea