A Season for CERF+

It works for us and we like doing it. It brings attention to our gallery.

Sandy Simon, TRAX Gallery, Berkeley, CA

A Season for CERF+ unites craft retailers across the nation in an annual  fundraiser and engages participants in a variety of self-designed charitable activities. Galleries, artists, show producers, and more decide how they wish to raise funds for CERF+ and when, between September 1 and December 31, they want to do it. It can be as simple as writing a check or donating a percentage of sales to CERF+. Some participants, however, decide to host  silent auctions, raffles, workshops or seconds sales (see "Ideas and Inspired Projects" below).

All participants are asked to commit to contributing a minimum of $100. Since raising the visibility of CERF+ is equally vital, we encourage sharing information about CERF+ with artists, customers, and the general public. It is an opportunity to draw attention to the value of the individual artist as maker and to an organization that is dedicated to important, behind-the-scenes artists' career support. Participants report that their A Season for CERF+ events energize their customer base, enhance marketing opportunities, while at the same time providing vital funds to safeguard the careers of artists. If you have questions about A Season for CERF+, please contact us.


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Ideas and Inspired Projects

Need inspiration?   Here are some wonderful projects from around the nation that you may want to consider as you plan your own event.   See what feels like the right fit for you and your gallery.  Select from the list, or, develop your own idea, one that ties in, perhaps, with other events on your calendar.  CERF+, artists and your customers will thank you!

Everyone Loves a Party! Host a gallery party or reception to help build awareness about CERF+. Use the opportunity to auction or raffle off one or more pieces of work with proceeds going to CERF+. Be sure to check in with CERF+ to see if arrangements can be made to have a CERF+ trustee or recipient of CERF+ assistance speak at your event.

Honor an Artist or Collector Organize an event recognizing the work of an artist working in a craft discipline, collector or community member important to the arts in your area. Celebrate the individual and his/her work while bringing in customers to your business. Combine the celebration with an auction, raffle or meal, a percent of which can go to support CERF+.

Offer a Chance to Win For every $25 spent in your shop, reward your customer with a chance to win a $100 gift certificate or craft object, the winner to be drawn at a planned event that supports CERF+. This not only encourages more purchases but increases attendance at your special open house or party.

Raffle Raffle off one or more pieces during a special event or sell raffle tickets over a period of a few months. Consider doing the final drawing at a planned celebration tied to the winter holiday season.

Take it Outdoors! Don’t wait for your customers to come inside. Get attention from a new, broader audience by setting up a working studio on the street. You might team up with a local nursery to showcase "Art in the Garden" or consider a Sidewalk Sale to help benefit CERF+ support for artists. 

A Percentage for CERF+ Designate 10% on one particular day or 1% of one or more month(s) gross receipts to be donated to CERF+. 

Silent Auction Host a Silent Auction. It is sure to get customers in your gallery again and again as they check their bids.

“Seconds for CERF+” or “Oldies but Goodies” Do you have seconds or older work that hasn’t moved and is taking up valuable display space? Why not set up a special sale? Done year after year, we’re told that these sales become highly anticipated annual events.

The More the Merrier:  Double, Triple your Efforts, Fun and Impact Team up with other galleries in your town or city. Double, triple the ideas and energy while sending the message that your galleries share concern for artists working in craft disciplines who are trying to maintain their livelihoods and small businesses.  

Theme Event Plan a Season for CERF+ Tea Party where participants take home their cup or a Dessert Fest where the customer gets to take his/her plate! Have customers bring in broken jewelry and then combine their bits with others to make new pieces of wearable art. Organize a kiln firing or textile dying to bring attention to the creative process while at the same time lending support to artists in need.   

Craft Workshop or Series Offer a workshop or class series to educate, inspire and expand your customer base. Include in your registration fee a sum for CERF+.

Go Green:  Re-gift for CERF+ Design a special event to sell donations of new or gently used, high quality craft pieces.

Anniversary or Opening Sale Event Celebrating the opening of a new store or exhibition? Expanding your business or marking an important anniversary with a special sale date? Consider including CERF+  in plans that are already in the works.

Cash Donations Several participants of A Season for CERF+ choose, instead, to make a cash donation to CERF+ because they are unable to host a specific event.  This works too!

Photos (L-R): Craftsman House Gallery event, CERF+ vases by Ephraim Faience Pottery, Soup for CERF+ event at Zig Zag Gallery