Emergency Preparedness Awareness Campaign

To underscore the importance of preparedness, CERF+ has launched an awareness ad campaign featuring before and after images provided by artists who have been through disasters. We want to help artists take steps beforehand that can help them weather emergencies with their careers intact – to keep them from crossing the fine line between priceless and worthless.

The first five ads have been released and are available for download here. The ads are available in several sizes and versions for print and web use. We invite publications, organizations, and artists to join us in this effort by running these ads in their publications and web sites when space is available, and by linking to our online resources.
The ads make it clear that none of us is immune to disaster. Featured in the first round of ads are Vermont potter Karen Karnes (fire); Texas metalsmith Diane Falkenhagen (hurricane); New Hampshire furniture maker Jon Brooks (fire); Oregon potter Hiroshi Ogawa (fire); and Nashville painter and sculptor Rusty Wolfe (flood).
Please let us know if you are using the ads, and if possible send us a link or a copy. CERF+ would also like to log the value of ad placements as gifts-in-kind. Please contact info@craftemergency.org with information about ad placements.

Web Versions – CERF+ Ads

Print Versions – CERF+ Ads