For most craft artists, getting their work noticed and selling enough of it at career-sustaining prices are key to making a living in the crafts. These resources will help artists create, refine, and execute strategies for selling their work in a constantly evolving marketplace.

Note: The resources on these pages are listed by priority, with top-rated items appearing first. For more information on the listings and how to submit recommendations for listings, please see the note at the end of Artists' Career Resources.

Photos (L-R): Tennessee Assn.of Craft Artists (TACA) fair, Artful Home website, Connell Gallery

Artist Career Training

External Link

| Aletta de Wal, Artist Career Training

On-line art marketing courses and resources as well as, personalized support and workshops offered by Aletta de Wal. Fee for services. Free resources include ArtMatters! e-newsletter, Art Marketing Blog, and interviews with artists and art professionals.

Publications: The Crafts Report Magazine

External Link | The Crafts Report

A monthly magazine that focuses on business information for craft artists.

Ask Harriete: Artist Professional Guidelines Q&A

External Link | Harriete Estel Berman, metalsmith

An astute business and tech savvy blog from metalsmith Harriete Estel Berman. This blog has a wealth of information on all aspects of an artist's business, including a set of professional guidelines developed by a stellar committee of craft professionals for the Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG).

ArtBizCoach.com: Artist Marketing and Self-Promotion

External Link | Alyson B Stanfield, Art Biz Coach

On-line art marketing courses and resources as well as, personalized support and workshops offered by Alyson B. Stanfield. Fee for services. Her artbizblog (www.artbizblog.com) is an excellent free resouce for arts business information.

Creative Capital Online Learning Workshops

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| Creative Capital

Famous for their excellent weekend-long intensive art business workshops, Creative Capital has a series of one-topic webinars.  You will need a computer with speakers, but no special software.  The cost is $25 per 90 minute session. Check their calendar for times and topics.


External Link | Alan Bamberger, art consultant

A no-frills site of useful articles, tips, and product reviews for both artists and collectors from art consultant Alan Bamberger

Creativity in Challenging Times



CERF+ interviews four artists about their strategies for surviving and flourishing during difficult economic times.

Staying Safe From Theft



A cerfnews article about how craft artists can better protect themselves from theft at show.

Ways that Craft Artists Can Create New Opportunities



How can craft artists take a fresh new look – at the work they can produce, at the business and marketing opportunities they can find, or at both?  This article from CERF News: Issue 9: August 2003, talks about how various artists have refreshed their outlook about their work.

Getting Your Sh*t Together (GYST): Software and Services for Artists of All Kinds

External Link | GYST (Getting Your Sh*t Together)

GYST is a software application for PC and MAC for tracking artworks and other career-related items such as artist statements, contacts, etc. Cost is approx. $130.

Arts Business Institute

External Link | Arts Business Institute

A non-profit educational organization established by the Rosen Group, ABI provides educational resources to the arts community in the U.S. and Canada through annual retreats and business skills workshops held in conjunction with local arts organizations and with the Rosen Group's Buyers Market of American Craft. ArtBiz TV on the website contains marketing advice from Wendy Rosen, President of the Rosen Group and interviews with artists on business and marketing-related issues.  Blog entries on the site cover a wide range of marketing topics.

New York Foundation for the Arts: The Profitable Artist

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| New York Foundation for the Arts

The Profitable Artist is a handbook for artists in the performing, literary and visual arts, compiled by arts professionals and the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA). The book guides the reader through five broad substantive topics that are often overlooked by artists: strategic planning, finance, law, marketing, and fundraising. Each topic area is reinforced by real-world examples and applications of the material.

Handful of Salt blog

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| Regina Connell, Emily Eisenhart, Anne Stericker and Christina Chacon

Handful of Salt celebrates the people and ideas behind design and art that's contemporary, craft-based, and deeply human.


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| Brigitte Martin

A website where professional craft artists display their work and connect internationally across all fields of interest.

Show Guide Scams

External Link | Energy Grid magazine

Companies that represent themselves as producing "official" directories have been scamming participants of trade shows for years. Lately, they have begun scamming participants of some major craft fairs. This site tells you how to recognize this scam, and has advice on what to do if you have fallen for it.

Publications: Allworth Press Business Books for Artists

External Link | Allworth Press

Allworth Press provides practical information books for the creative community.

Bruce Baker’s Business Development Workshops and Resources for Artists

External Link | Bruce Baker

Craft Marketing guru Bruce Baker teaches workshops across the country. If you cannot make a workshop, he has CD's about getting into and selling at craft shows for sale..

Art Business News

External Link | Art Business News

A magazine that reports industry news and trends driving the fine arts market. There is some online content primarily about gallery marketing