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Errors using inadequate data are much less than those using no data at all.

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This page lists studies that artists and arts organizations may find useful in decision-making as well as in understanding and characterizing the arts and crafts fields. Within each sort group the studies that have the most relevance to the craft field appear first. This is not intended to be an exhaustive list of research in the field.  If you are aware of research that is not listed here which has particular relevance to the craft field, please forward information to CERF+.

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National Endowment for the Arts Research Reports

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| National Endowment for the Arts (NEA)

The National Endowment for the Arts commissions studies on a variety of topics of interest to artists and arts organizations. The topics include outdoor festivals, arts participation, and arts education. All studies are available for download in PDF form.

Americans for the Arts Research


| Americans for the Arts

Americans for the Arts conducts primary research on a variety of areas involving the arts including arts and the economy, arts education, and creative industries. Among other things, Americans for the Arts uses Dunn and Bradstreat DUNS numbers to track economic impact data by locality. This data can be very useful to illustrate the impact of the arts on a city, county, state or federal congressional district, etc.

CODA Review 2011: Craft Artists, Income, and the U.S. Economy

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| Craft Organization Development Association (CODA)

A review of the U.S. economic impact of craft artists who sell what they create. The review summarizes currently available craft artist economic research, evaluates economic impact where possible, and suggests a plan for further research.

Investing in Creativity: A Study of the Support Structure for U.S. Artists

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| Urban Institute

A national study conducted by the Urban Institute and supported by a 38-member consortium of funders. A major contribution of the study is a new and comprehensive framework for analysis and action, which views the support structure for artists in the United States as a system made up of six key dimensions of the environment in which an artist

CODA: Links to Other Craft Related Studies

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The Craft Organization Development Association has links to other state, regional, and national studies that are craft and arts focused.

The CODA Survey: The impact of Crafts on the National Economy

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| Craft Organization Development Association (CODA)

The Craft Organization Development Association (CODA) released this study of the impact of the craft field on the national economy in 2001. The charts summarize the results of the study which is available from CODA in hard copy form. The site also has several summaries of the data by state.

Recession Art: Leveraging Investments in Creativity's 2009 Artists and the Recession Survey

External Link | Leveraging Investments in Creativity

Over 6,000 artists responded to the Artists and the Economic Recession Survey, commissioned by Leveraging Investments in Creativity, in collaboration with Helicon Collaborative and Princeton Survey Research Associates International.